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Tooth Colored Filling

Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, it’s now possible to treat cavities with tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth-colored fillings are white, metal-free, and made with composite materials, ensuring they blend in with your surrounding teeth. At Silicon Valley Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Sunnyvale, California, Gabriel Cano, DDS, and his caring team proudly offer tooth-colored fillings to people of all ages. To schedule your appointment, call the office.


General Questions

A tooth-colored filling is a dental restoration used to repair damage caused by a cavity. Once placed, a tooth-colored filling prevents further decay and restores normal function to your affected tooth. Fillings are incredibly common. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that 92% of people between the ages of 20-64 have at least one filling.

Traditional fillings used metal amalgam, a combination of zinc, copper, and tin. While these materials are long-lasting and durable, they don’t blend in with your teeth. Tooth-colored fillings consist of a composite material which is white and metal-free. It also mimics the color and light-reflecting properties of your natural enamel. Tooth-colored fillings are just as sturdy as metal, but they’re more aesthetically pleasing. This means you can look your best and still bite and chew confidently.

Getting a tooth-colored filling involves an in-office appointment that takes about an hour. Before placing your filling, your Silicon Valley Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provider administers a local anesthetic to numb your tooth roots and gums. After the anesthesia sets in, your provider carefully removes the decaying portion of your affected tooth, then prepares the composite resin solution and applies a thin layer. Once it dries, your provider places another layer. They repeat this process several times until your tooth returns to its original size and shape. Following your appointment, you can return to normal activity right away. In the first few days after receiving your filling, you may experience increased sensitivity, but this should subside in a day or two.  

How long your tooth-colored filling lasts depends on how well you take care of it. To extend the life of your filling, the team at Silicon Valley Center for Cosmetic Dentistry recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and visiting the office every six months for a professional cleaning and oral health exam. You should also avoid tobacco use and biting down on hard objects like ice cubes, popcorn kernels, or candies. If you follow these guidelines, your tooth-colored filling can last 5-15 years. To see if you’re a candidate for a tooth-colored filling, schedule an appointment at Silicon Valley Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. Call the office and speak with a friendly team member or book a consultation.

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